Legal Advice

Step 2: legal advice

It is advised to contact a lawyer when you feel scammed or betrayed. They will know what actions to take. Try google search to find the nearest legal consultant regarding consumer protection by typing „legal advice“ or „lawyer“ plus your city name.

You should also consider, that the legal regulations differ in every country. What is legal in Germany might be prohibited elsewhere. Always inform yourself about the current jurisdiction in your area.

Our general advice is to document all the received calls in a certain manner:
1. The number that called you
2. The name of the person calling/responsible (ask for it)
3. Time and date of each call
4. Content of the conversation/call

There are consumer protection organizations as well as official institutions that are there to help you. If you have such institutions, they most likely offer complaint systems, where nuisance and spam calls can be reported. Some officials also have the power to take legal action against companies infringing consumer rights regularly by fining the offenders or deactivating phone numbers. Therefore, they often need a certain amount of complaints on one company, so do not hesitate to complain!

To find the institutions responsible in your country, use google search for “consumer protection” in your country, also use the keywords “telecommunication regulations” etc.

Google search is a good way to find consumer protection lawyer and all information about harassment calls.

Type in "legal advice" or "lawyer" plus your city name in the search box below to find the nearest legal consultant.

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